Mystery Kangaroos

Loren Coleman: Complete Book List 2020

Loren Coleman: Complete Book List 2020

The Year 2020 will be Loren Coleman’s 60th year investigating in the field of cryptozoology, and his 45th year of being a published book author. Here is a list of over 135 of his contributions to the field.

Errant Kangaroo Alert!

Okay, out-of-place alligators are one thing, but things are getting serious now. Here is the first report in a long time of an out-of-place encounter of the Mystery Marsupial kind. This cryptid kangaroo sighting is from Florida, with the first sighting taking place during the second week of June 2008. No news about these cryptid critters has been heard since those sightings of Mystery Kangaroos in Mississippi, last August 2007. Of course, other Mystery Kangaroo reports from past years on Cryptomundo can be found from Austria, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Or who can forget the “Killer Kangaroos” of 1934? Accounts of [...]

Mississippi ‘Roos On the Run

Mississippi is in the midst of a rash of kangaroo sightings. Here is a summary of what the wire services are reporting about the specifics. Bay St. Louis, Miss. (AP) – A kangaroo may be on the loose in Mississippi. Animal-control officers in Bay Saint Louis say there have been several reports in the past few days of a kangaroo hopping along U.S. 90. The mayor says he’s heard reports of people seeing a kangaroo four or five different times, and at first he wondered if someone was just joking around. Some officials suspect the animal was someone’s pet that [...]