Shunka Warak’in

Loren Coleman: Complete Book List 2022

Loren Coleman: Complete Book List 2022

The Year 2022 will be Loren Coleman’s 62th year investigating in the field of cryptozoology, and his 45th year of being a published book author. Here is a list of over 135 of his contributions to the field.

Shunka Wars

Lance Foster, myself, and others have looked for the mounted Shunka Warak’in for decades. I’ve written about it in columns, books, and blogs. Finally, after 121 years of it being missing-in-action, the taxidermy mount has surfaced. But guess what? There is a developing tug-of-war over who owns it, which state has the rights to it, and where it will end up. Jack Kirby with Island Park’s mystery animal. Bozeman Chronicle photo. I posted what Montana felt previously. Now here is the Idaho side of the story: The Sherwood Beast of Island Park legend and lore has been kidnapped! The stuffed [...]

Was It A Shunka Warak’in?

In December 2005, a strange wolf-like animal started killing livestock in McCone, Garfield and Dawson counties, Montana. By March 2006, it had struck six herds of sheep in McCone and Garfield Counties, wounding 71 and killing 36 ewes. The thing had even reached the status of being named; it was called "The Creature of McCone County." News articles appeared throughout the next few months, and it went national with an article in USA Today in May 2006. The number of livestock the "Creature" killed finally reached about 120, by the end of October 2006. Now comes word in a December [...]

Amazing Nebraska Cryptid Photo

A remarkable photographic image has been snapped on the morning of June 13, 2006, in a woman’s backyard in the Midwestern state of Nebraska. KETV-7 in Omaha broadcast the picture on June 14, and it appears to be an animal unlike any most people have seen locally. In the short dispatch, the Nebraska news staff report that: Mary Ann Carta lives near 138th and Hamilton streets, and she took some pictures of the animal that she saw. She said it could be a bobcat, but it has her scared about taking her morning walk or allowing her grandchildren to play [...]