Men in Cryptozoology

Cryptofiction and Coelacanth Scales: Sterling E. Lanier Dies

Sterling Edmund Lanier, 79, who just died in Sarasota, Florida, harkens back to an era of early cryptozoologists and adventurers. Lanier worked as an editor at Chilton Books in the 1960s, alongside Ivan T. Sanderson, also an editor at Chilton. Chilton Books in 1961 published Sanderson’s famous book, Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come to Life. Sanderson and Lanier moved in similar natural history and publishing circles for a few years. Lanier wrote the foreword for one of Sanderson’s friends, Roger A. Caras’ 1964 Chilton-published book, Dangerous to Man; Wild Animals A Definitive Study of Their Reputed Dangers to Man. Born in [...]

ChampQuest Director’s Disappearance Deepens

Missing: The virtual vanishing of Dennis Hall, the founder and director of ChampQuest, is upsetting seekers and friends. Dennis Hall is shown above during the happier days of the U-Haul Champ promotion. Used with prior permission. For months, Lake Champlain Monster hunter Dennis Hall has not been able to be located. His old website, is now posting this message: “Gone. The requested resource is no longer available on this server and there is no forwarding address. Please remove all references to this resource.” Attempts to reach Hall that I have made to his (old?) telephone number in Paton, Vermont, [...]

Mystery Man Photo IQ

Can you identify the cryptozoologist? This recent photograph of a cryptozoologist was taken in the wilds of Washington State. What’s your CZ IQ? Do you know whom this person is? If you are immediately aware, because you know this person, please hold off with an instant answer. Allow others to have a bit of speculative Friday fun. Thanks.