Van Roosmalen Temporarily Released

Van Roosmalen

Chad Arment has passed along the news that the mammalogist and cryptozoologist Marc Van Roosmalen is out of prison on appeal.

A Brazilian judge on Tuesday [August 7, 2007] ordered that a prominent Dutch scientist be freed from prison while he appeals his conviction for environmental crimes and embezzlement, a court official said.

Marc Van Roosmalen was convicted on June 15 of trying to illegally auction off the names of monkey species, keeping rare monkeys at his house without authorization and selling a scaffolding donated to the National Institute for Amazon Research where he worked.

He was sentenced to 15 years and nine months in a prison in the Amazon city of Manaus, where he lives.

Roosmalen has claimed in media reports that he was framed by powerful logging and ranching interests that operate in the Amazon. His lawyer, David Neves, said the charge of selling the scaffolding was baseless and the sentence for the other charges was disproportionate.

On Tuesday, Roosmalen was ordered released pending an appeal, according to a court official who spoke on condition of anonymity in accordance with court policy. Roosmalen’s lawyer confirmed the ruling.

Over the past decade, Roosmalen, a naturalized Brazilian, has described seven new monkey species in the Amazon…

The complete article, “Brazilian Judge Releases Dutch Scientist,” by Michael Astor, can be read by clicking here.

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