Women in Cryptozoology

You Are Cryptomundo

Our secret is out. Cryptomundo is fun and visited by people that enjoy exploring the edge. You are adventurers. You are explorers. You are romantic zoologists. You are cryptozoologists. And none of us deny it. It is always intriguing to read of my pursuit from others’ points of view, which can give me some interesting global insights. At Chewing Pixels, in the blog “Cryptozoology and Nintendo,” the observer writes about Cryptomundo: This mixture of content ensnares the reader by effectively holding the plausible and the mostly implausible in delicate tension – acceptable because both the announcement of the discovery of [...]

Newcastle’s Monster Weekend

I’m traveling again, tomorrow, flying over to England, apparently via Paris. (I know, I know, my arms will be very tired from all the flapping.) Saturday, September 1 and Sunday, September 2, 2007, “Searching for Bigfoot and Other Cryptids.” It all will be taking place at Monster Weekend, Centre for Life (science center), Newcastle, United Kingdom. For more information, see “Monster Weekend” or look over the schedule below: Monster Weekend Speaking Schedule Saturday, September 1, 2007 Dragons: More than a Myth? (Richard Freeman) 10.00-10.45 Before daemons, vampires, werewolves or giants the dragon haunted the minds of men and coiled their [...]

Werewolf Mask Fools Investigators

This is a time for caution, says an experienced werewolf hunter. Linda Godfrey, the author of The Beast of Bray Road and Hunting the American Werewolf, shares the image of this newly available mask (at top), as an example of the kinds of costume items easily obtainable nowadays. From photographs of probable people in Bahia mud to sightings of Skinwalkers, she notes, it is a time for care for all investigators.