You Are Cryptomundo

Okanogan, BC, Canada bronze Sasquatch statue

Our secret is out. Cryptomundo is fun and visited by people that enjoy exploring the edge.

You are adventurers. You are explorers. You are romantic zoologists. You are cryptozoologists. And none of us deny it.

Loren Coleman at Willow Creek

It is always intriguing to read of my pursuit from others’ points of view, which can give me some interesting global insights.

At Chewing Pixels, in the blog “Cryptozoology and Nintendo,” the observer writes about Cryptomundo:

This mixture of content ensnares the reader by effectively holding the plausible and the mostly implausible in delicate tension – acceptable because both the announcement of the discovery of a new type of fish and a story of a boy being carried of by a giant bird falls under the same generic banner: cryptozoology.

In every post there’s a sense of excitement that must mirror something of what the great explorers felt 400 years ago when cataloguing the new flora and fauna discovered on their pioneering travels.


I guess that is my goal: To bring a little excitement, which I sense is still out there in the natural world to your electronic door everyday, to acknowledge the wonders of cryptozoology merging into zoology, in an era of discovery I still see.


I also know excitement can be experienced without the blood and gore of an R-rated movie or the sex and sleaze of an entertainment television news program. At least, that’s the objective, although, of course, we live in times where sex, death, war, and taxes do impact us all. I do not shy away from those realities either. But I’m here about the animals, first and foremost, especially the ones that remain to be discovered or have just been found, as well as the people who should be credited with doing the work.

So thank you all for liking Cryptomundo, for being Cryptomundo, and as I sign some of my classic books, “Enjoy the Quest.”

Loren Coleman