Should Homin Replace Bigfoot?

Time for a change? What do you think? Should we follow the Russians? Ivan T. Sanderson, in the 1960s, tried to convince everyone to use “Oh-Mah.” Grover Krantz wanted people to employ the term “Sasquatch” instead of “Bigfoot.” Is there a movement afoot for change?

Brazilian Hominoids Discovered

Before you jump to any conclusions, remember “hominoids” includes humans, hominids, anthropoids, and pongids. What has been discovered, actually? What would happen if an undiscovered group of so-called “Brazilian Indians” was found, and among them were seen “near-humans”? Would anyone take the possibilities seriously? In a time when Google Earth is spotting hidden huts in the jungles, will satellite photos reveal more than living areas and humans? Will sky-based photography point out more of a diversity of hominoids or merely confuse the picture? See today’s breaking images from Brazil: Fox News is reporting on Friday, May 30, 2008, those photos [...]