Thunderbirds on C2C

Mark A. Hall shares reports of thunderbirds and other mysterious creatures on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory tonight, July 20th. His show will be archived there after broadcast. Hall will be talking about many topics in cryptozoology. The show starts at 10 p.m. Pacific time, but Hall will not be on in the first hour. The interview will be from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. (In the Eastern time zone the interview starts at 2 a.m. and runs till 5 a.m., on Friday, July 21). Mark A. Hall authored the 2004 book, Thunderbirds: America’s Living Legends of Giant [...]

Drudge Report’s Big Birds

During the first weekend in July 2006, various published photographs from the Florida site of NASA’s probable Space Shuttle launch showed rather large birds near the location. One of these pictures (see below) was so dramatic that Matt Drudge commented about it on his Sunday night radio program. He remarked that he was being emailed so many questions about it he removed the pix from his Drudge Report website for a time. (Drudge definitely is aware of cryptozoology and infrequently posts news items about sightings of cryptids.) However, from further photographs published by Drudge (below) and elsewhere, it is obvious [...]

New Big Bird Sightings

How often are large unknown birds seen and quickly explained away? Quite frequently, if a quick survey of newspapers are any indication this week. In Gary Bogue’s June 9, 2006, column on animals in the Contra Costa Times of the East Bay area near San Francisco, California, he publishes an item on a new big bird sighting. I corresponded with Bogue over 30 years ago, as I mention in Mysterious America, regarding the melanistic felid (Black Panther) accounts coming his way. It is obvious Bogue has become and been serving as the local man-to-go-to with any reports of strange animals. [...]

Cryptid Cats, Murdering Bigfoot, and Giant Claw

Need a cryptofix? How about trying some cryptofiction – via a new movie of a Mystery Felid, a new novel of a Maraudering Sasquatch, and a visual flashback at an old movie of a Giant Bird? Headlines on May 20, 2006, tell of “Giant Feral Cats to Scare on Screen”, and how they will appear through the device of a 1.5 million dollar movie. Shall our Australian readers see it first on a movie theater near you? The mystery big cat thought to prowl the Blue Mountains is set to star in a horror movie. A Sydney-based team will start [...]

Thunderbird Film Discovered

Wisconsin writer and investigator Todd Roll has discovered an early forgotten, overlooked film that coincidentally appeared as a precursor to the famous Thunderbird flap in the 1970s. The movie was released in 1974, and entitled The Legend of Hillbilly John. Three years later, with the attempted airborne abduction of Marlon Lowe by two giant birds at Lawndale, Illinois, on July 25, 1977, the modern era of Thunderbird sightings began. The first investigator on the scene was my brother, Jerry, and the first write-up of the case came from his rough notes in Creatures of the Outer Edge. Based on a [...]

Mothman Death List Photo

Anyone from Ohio or West Virginia? I’m looking for a Mothman death list photo. Mothman image, copyright 2002, created by cryptozoology illustrator William Rebsamen for Mothman and Other Curious Encounters In the Charleston Daily Mail of March 20, 2006, in “Mothman has his own museum,” reporter Samantha L. Thomas, discussing the collection in Point Pleasant, mentions: One attention grabber is the “death list” displayed prominently in the middle of the museum. It draws connections between the sudden or strange deaths of those associated in some way with the Mothman legend. I wonder, does anyone have a photograph of this display, [...]