Cryptid Cats, Murdering Bigfoot, and Giant Claw

Need a cryptofix? How about trying some cryptofiction – via a new movie of a Mystery Felid, a new novel of a Maraudering Sasquatch, and a visual flashback at an old movie of a Giant Bird?

The Giant Claw

Headlines on May 20, 2006, tell of “Giant Feral Cats to Scare on Screen”, and how they will appear through the device of a 1.5 million dollar movie. Shall our Australian readers see it first on a movie theater near you?

The mystery big cat thought to prowl the Blue Mountains is set to star in a horror movie. A Sydney-based team will start filming in the coming months, drawing inspiration from repeated sightings of the giant cat, whose existence has yet to be officially verified. Gone Missing will follow six friends on a camping trip who become fodder for giant, feral cats.

Meanwhile, from Canada, critic Ron Berthel mentions a new cryptofiction book, perhaps of interest here:

And could the perp be none other than Bigfoot? Perhaps, in A Mammoth Murder (Thomas Dunne), Bill Crider’s 13th book featuring rural Texas Sheriff Dan Rhodes, who investigates when a man claiming to have seen the mythical mammoth in the woods is found murdered there.

And finally, since so many have mentioned it on Cryptomundo, here’s some images from that 1957 classic The Giant Claw, directed by Fred F. Sears:

The Giant Claw

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From The Giant Claw – Mitch MacAfee: Now, I don’t don’t care if that bird came from outer space or Upper Saddle River, New Jersey; it’s still made of flesh and blood – of some sort – and vulnerable to bullets and bombs.

The Giant Claw

The following The Giant Claw Diorama Model Kit (# 091LU04) is found at Monsters in Motion for $134.99. I’d love to have one for the International Cryptozoology Museum. BTW, that site is a great one for other B-movie scale models.

The Giant Claw