Mothman Death List Photo

Anyone from Ohio or West Virginia? I’m looking for a Mothman death list photo.


Mothman image, copyright 2002, created by cryptozoology illustrator William Rebsamen for Mothman and Other Curious Encounters

In the Charleston Daily Mail of March 20, 2006, in “Mothman has his own museum,” reporter Samantha L. Thomas, discussing the collection in Point Pleasant, mentions:

One attention grabber is the “death list” displayed prominently in the middle of the museum. It draws connections between the sudden or strange deaths of those associated in some way with the Mothman legend.

I wonder, does anyone have a photograph of this display, which can be scanned and shared with me as a jpg? I would like to place it on the original site of this death list here. And, from there, point future visitors to the location of the bricks and mortar Mothman Museum.

Please contact me here.

Thank you.

Below: Artist John Frick of Cumberland, Maryland, stands under his creation, a Mothman replica that hangs from the ceiling of the Mothman Museum in Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

Mothman Museum

For more information on Mothman, see Mothman and Other Curious Encounters. Remarkably, this book was the number one Paraview Press bestseller for March 2006, which only goes to show me that people are still intrigued with the stories of these weird winged wonders of West Virginia.

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  1. Loren Coleman
    Loren Coleman April 9, 2006 at 8:11 pm |

    Yes, I would recommend reading more about the historically significant cryptid reports and how they have been the fire beneath the sinister smoke that so many think of when imaging the “Mothman phenomenon.”

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