11/11 Winged Weirdies

Eleven years ago on the eleventh day of the eleventh month… November 11, 1995, Zacapa, Guatemala – During a spate of bizarre animal killings in the area, Alicia Fajardo encountered a strange winged creature on her property at around one o’clock in the morning. She described it as about four feet tall, with large bat-like wings, huge oval-shaped eyes, and a large mouth with huge protruding fangs. It was covered with dark hair and had a tail and claw-like feet. The creature flew away in an upward spiral emitting a strange humming sound. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database [...]

Topanga’s “Condor”

What if this story is about a large flying cryptid? This youngster did a better job than many adults do when they see something large and unknown, flying off into the sunset. Monday, Nov 06, 2006 Small fry captures rare glimpse of straying big bird By Bob Pool Los Angeles Times Gabriel Gottfried, 5, shows the digital photo he took of a condor launching from a pine tree near his Los Angeles home. LOS ANGELES – Like any good bird-lover, Gabriel Gottfried knew what to do when he spied the huge creature perched on a tree branch outside his Topanga [...]

Knollenbergs’ Flap: It Was A Peahen

A peahen, shown here, is the female of the peafowl, which can refer to any of three species of bird in the genera Pavo and Afropavo of the pheasant family. Scott Maruna, the new energetic editor of The Anomalist (, treks into uncomfortable country on October 8, 2006. With an unfortunate blog on the Lawndale Thunderbird, here, Maruna introduces some details of the July 25, 1977 event where a large bird reportedly lifted Marlon Lowe into the air, then writes: One particular contemporary event that has been complete [sic - LC] ignored might just hold the clue that could explain [...]

Lawndale’s Big Birds

Lawndale’s big bird returns – in print by Erin Clark The Lincoln (Illinois) Courier Lawndale resident Marlon Lowe traveled nearly 40 yards – by bird. The then 10-year-old was picked up in giant talons and nearly carried away 29 years ago today. According to The Courier’s account from July 26, 1977, two birds with wingspans of 4 to 6 feet attacked Lowe, and one of them caught the boy by the shirt and lifted him about a foot into the air. "He’s probably the luckiest kid in the world" that the bird only grabbed onto his shirt and not his [...]

Update: Mystery Flying Cryptid

This is the original uncropped photograph. Thanks to beautifu11ybroken and Iggy Makarevich for their separate assistance in obtaining this. Does the full-framed photo give some more helpful insights into what this might be? For more details on this photograph, please see the previous posting on the Mystery Flying Cryptid Photo.

Mystery Flying Cryptid Photo

Cropped and unidentified versions of the above photograph have been floating around the internet, sparingly. I noticed one used in conjuction with the Ropen press release. It clearly seemed out of context, but nevertheless worthy of further examination. Cryptomundo reader Brian Gaugler tracked it down to the files, and located the text of the who and the where behind the photo: 2003 – New Hampshire. November 6 – On the 25th of October in Plymouth, Joy P. was in the middle of a train trip. While observing the landscape, she decided to take photographs of the passing scenery. One [...]