Cryptomundo Wins Praise

Cryptomundo was informed this week that we have been chosen as a Yahoo Pick! We are so proud, here’s the entire posting from Yahoo: Cryptomundo Florida Skunk Apes, West Virginia Mothmen, Texas Chupacabras … rejected expansion teams for the NFL? Think again. These creatures have never been, well, verified by the stamp of science. But that doesn’t stop Cryptomundo, a site that scours the Web for news of “the most elusive and rare animals (cryptids) on this planet earth.” And it won’t stop us, either! Here, read of the mule-eared, thick-necked critter roaming the wilds of western Arkansas! Thrill to [...]

Cable Producers & CZ Headhunting

Be forewarned that currently a certain cable program is looking for a cryptozoologist to hold up to ridicule on their show. They are stepping up their attempts to find someone for a cryptozoology attack episode. I was approached by them before the Bates Symposium. They wanted to supposedly interview me about the history of cryptozoology. However, I knew their technique is one in which they use clips of experts on the subjects they wish to ridicule, then with vigor and in nasty interjects, brutally make fun of the individual and the subject. They wanted me to sign a long release [...]