Cryptomundo Wins Praise

Cryptomundo was informed this week that we have been chosen as a Yahoo Pick!

We are so proud, here’s the entire posting from Yahoo:

Florida Skunk Apes, West Virginia Mothmen, Texas Chupacabras … rejected expansion teams for the NFL? Think again. These creatures have never been, well, verified by the stamp of science. But that doesn’t stop Cryptomundo, a site that scours the Web for news of “the most elusive and rare animals (cryptids) on this planet earth.” And it won’t stop us, either! Here, read of the mule-eared, thick-necked critter roaming the wilds of western Arkansas! Thrill to tales of the hunt on the Congo-Cameroon border for the dinosaurlike Mokele-mbembe! Wonder at nature’s most esoteric mysteries! And all kidding aside, check out the year’s top cryptozoology stories, recapping true tales of discovery, such as the photographic capture of the giant squid and the discovery of a new carnivore in Borneo. So who knows? There may yet be a Yeti in your future. (in Alternative Science)

But it doesn’t stop there. The Minnesota Star Tribune also picked us this week as a “quick click.”

Here’s what Randy Salas of the Star Tribune wrote:

quick click

Wild kangaroos in Minnesota and Wisconsin? Mothmen in the Ohio River Valley? The Loch Ness monster in Scotland? Bigfoot, well, everywhere? They’re all fair game for Cryptomundo (, a cool website devoted to tracking and discussing “the most elusive and rare animals (cryptids) on this planet Earth.” The user comments are often just as interesting as the blog entries by the site’s four main contributors. In response to a Cryptozoo News write-up by Loren Coleman offering photographic proof that “cryptid ‘roo” encounters in the Midwest are more common than most people think (, a user replied, “That’s not a kangaroo proper, but a Dama Wallaby, the most commonly kept exotic pet Macropodidae in North America.” Aha, that explains a lot. Or does it?

We have been gathering praise-filled nods, from those last December that placed our top cryptozoology stories of 2005 list on the top of the top lists sites, to blogs noting us as one of their “Favorite RSS Feeds,” for example as boodangy did yesterday.

Cryptomundo has been noticed by many of what we see as our friends, sites that are noting the news we are sharing. These include locations such as The Anomalist Newsline, Boing Boing, Unknown Country/Dreamland, Coast to Coast AM,, Fortean Times, The Debris Field, Zeitgeist,, anthology, apakuni and many, many more. (Did I miss you? Let me know, and my apologies; the list is getting to be long and that’s good.)

We appreciate being used (appropriately, ha ha), credited, and cited. That’s what were are here for. We are not your grandparents’ cryptozoology, that’s for sure!