The Night Stalker Has Died

The Night Stalker is dead. Darren McGavin died at the age of 83, early on Saturday, February 25, 2006, in California. Kolchak: The Night Stalker, starring Darren McGavin in the lead role, in two television movies and in one of the shortest but most memorable television series (1974-1975), had frequent creature themes. It is often discussed with affection by cryptofiction fans. McGavin in the 1970s as "Carl Kolchak" As the Internet Movie Database notes: "Carl Kolchak was a reporter for Chicago’s Independent News Service, and a trouble magnet for situations involving the supernatural. Kolchak turned his investigative skills to vampires, [...]

Mothman Death Curse and Firewall

Let’s take a walk on the wild side, for a moment. It is the weekend, and tonight you may be looking for a new movie to go out and see. Perhaps you’ll go to Firewall, the new flick with Harrison Ford. Ford took the last three years to create it, and there’s lots of buzz about the movie already. One of the things you will see creeping into some of the news about Firewall is the unusual mentioning of "Mothman." But why? For those that never knew, the media is reminding people that during the meandering director’s search for Firewall, [...]

MTV Searching For Cryptohosts

Would you like to be the host of a new show on MTV about cryptozoology? Get that videotape of yourself remastered for a MTV audition. Okay. Ready. Set. Go. Your co-host could be somebody like this: MTV has put out a “casting call” that they have entitled “Do you love Monsters?” Here’s what they want: We are looking for two young Crypto enthusiasts, 18 and older, to host an upcoming fun, hip, and off the wall series that looks inside the world of cryptozoology, creatures, legends, and the people who investigate them. The hosts should be really into cryptozoology, and [...]