Footprint Evidence

MonsterQuest: Mystery Cats

The program took on mangy dogs last week, so tonight it is about the phantom felines. Will the Mystery Cats be more exciting than the Mystery Canids? Will the words Panthera atrox come from the lips of anyone on this program? Will the black dead felid carcass turn out to be only a domestic cat’s, thus mirroring last week’s program? Will the viewers begin to figure out that one reason there are so many animal mysteries in Minnesota is because that’s where the film production company is located? It’s time for another “MonsterQuest.” Lions in the Suburbs – Attacks by [...]

Women in Cryptozoology: Jan McGirk in Johor

Flashback: Let us trek back to Johor with newswoman Jan McGirk and revisit the Malaysian situation before it got lost in the morass of the photo hoaxing, to the events surrounding the initial finding of the now famed track cast. Jan McGirk, on the right, assists with the casting compound, to mold the footprint she first found in Johor, the one often shown being held by Joshua Gates. ++++ The unknown world: How I tracked Bigfoot through the Malaysian jungle (by Jan McGirk). Jan McGirk joined a team of paranormal investigators to check out reports of 10 ft giant apes [...]

McGirk Exclusive: Johor and Yeti Prints

As you may recall, British newspaperwoman Jan McGirk has shared exclusives with us before, from the jungles of Johor. Here’s her latest on the new questions about the Johor cast and thoughts on the recent Yeti finds. McGirk’s email is followed, for visual context, by a video from September 5, 2006, of Jonathan Kent’s BBC report on the “Johor Bigfoot” reports. The Seekers are posing with the Johor cast in February 2006. Australian tracker Tony Burke stands behind a group of Seekers, from left to right, Sis, Adeek, and Illa, in the Johor bush. I’m Jan McGirk (a journo writing [...]

Bad Yeti Science from Ben Radford

Benjamin Radford, who is called LiveScience’s “Bad Science Columnist,” lives up to his title in a new posting about Yeti in which he spreads more bad science. I understand that newspaper writers are often not to blame for their headlines, but in this case I wonder if Radford dreamed up the headline for his own column? Entitled “The Truth About the Abominable Snowman,” it sounds dangerously close to stating an absolute and true believer stance, if you ask me. That Radford would think he has the “truth” about anything seems a bit much. He has stumbled in this attempt. The [...]

Yeti on Fox + New Gates Video

Fox News, December 4, 2007: The Yeti exchange unfolded routinely, as per what has come to be expected for such two-minute-moments on news programs. When Patrick Huyghe (correctly pronounced “Weeg” with a soft “g”) is off-interview, the “Fox news hosts” then tried delivering their debunking humor points, as usual. I congratulate Fox News for running a full credit to artist Harry Trumbore for his drawings of various types of Yeti taken from our cryptozoological field guide. Parts of the Joshua Gates news conference footage has turned up on two YouTube videos:

Exclusive from Josh Gates on Yeti Tracks

Joshua Gates (R) displaying alleged footprint of Yeti. Updated with new video. See at bottom. On this way back from Nepal, Josh has deplaned in Zanzibar and written a quick report for us here. Meanwhile, my coauthor Patrick appeared on Fox National News to talk about our field guide’s sense of these new Yeti reports in the broader sense of the Abominable Snowmen accounts from the area. (I had to decline the appearance due to emergency dental surgery that had been prescheduled. Time for a nap for me, but I wanted to post these important breaking developments.) Here’s word from [...]

Updated Yeti Footcast News

Joshua Gates (R) displaying alleged footprint of Yeti. Despite the fact that the new Yeti cast found by Joshua Gates closely mirrors the one he found in Johor, perhaps I was wrong about the first image floating out of Asia of it being a stock picture. I have confirmed that it sounds like it, indeed, is a different cast. Neil Mandt of Mandt Brothers Productions who produced year one of “Destination Truth” but is no longer associated with the program just told me: “That’s definitely a new photo of a new cast. It is not a copy of the Johor [...]

More on Johor vs Yeti Casts

Above is the December 1, 2007, image of a “Yeti footcast” from Nepal. While it is unique, it does overtly resemble the Orang Dalam footcast that Josh Gates recovered from Malaysia in 2006. The Group API decided to more closely compare what they saw as an uncritical examination of the Johor footcasts. Below are their images compared to the actual photographs of the footprints and their analysis. Rhino feet. Elephant feet. Perhaps a close up of the toe imprints of the alleged Bigfoot print might shed further light. Josh Gates seen here carrying his Bigfoot print cast. Notice the peculiar [...]

Sumatran Rhino Photographed in Malaysia

Maybe those footprints photographed in February 2006, were significantly those of a Sumatran rhino and not a Johor Bigfoot or Orang Dalam, as it turns out. A Sumatran rhinoceros has been photographed in peninsular Malaysia in the first sighting for more than a decade, raising hopes the animal can avoid extinction, a report said Sunday. The New Straits Times said the image, captured by a camera trap, snapped just a small part of the rhino but experts declared the wrinkly and folded thigh was unmistakable. Rhino footprints were last found in southern Johor state in 2001 but it was only [...]

Josh Gates Finds Yeti Prints Near Everest

TV host Josh Gates displays a sample showing what appears to be a footprint found in Nepal’s Khumbu region, where Mount Everest is located. The tracks will be analyzed as part of an investigation into tales about the legendary mountain Yeti, Gates told reporters in Katmandu on Friday. [This is the caption from Gopal Chitrakar/Reuters, but personally, I have questions about the source of this cast. See my critical blog about this image.] Everest footprints stir up Yeti legend TV producers hope to tie tracks to tales of ‘abominable snowman’ KATMANDU, Nepal – Members of a TV production team investigating [...]