Footprint Evidence

Sumatran Rhino Photographed in Malaysia

Maybe those footprints photographed in February 2006, were significantly those of a Sumatran rhino and not a Johor Bigfoot or Orang Dalam, as it turns out. A Sumatran rhinoceros has been photographed in peninsular Malaysia in the first sighting for more than a decade, raising hopes the animal can avoid extinction, a report said Sunday. The New Straits Times said the image, captured by a camera trap, snapped just a small part of the rhino but experts declared the wrinkly and folded thigh was unmistakable. Rhino footprints were last found in southern Johor state in 2001 but it was only [...]

Josh Gates Finds Yeti Prints Near Everest

TV host Josh Gates displays a sample showing what appears to be a footprint found in Nepal’s Khumbu region, where Mount Everest is located. The tracks will be analyzed as part of an investigation into tales about the legendary mountain Yeti, Gates told reporters in Katmandu on Friday. [This is the caption from Gopal Chitrakar/Reuters, but personally, I have questions about the source of this cast. See my critical blog about this image.] Everest footprints stir up Yeti legend TV producers hope to tie tracks to tales of ‘abominable snowman’ KATMANDU, Nepal – Members of a TV production team investigating [...]