Dover Demon

Orange Raccoons, Dover Demons & Green Eyes

It’s been called an “orange,” a “blond,” and a “red” raccoon. Certainly, it is a rare color phase of a common raccoon that was trapped in Greene County, Indiana, late in February and then again in March 2008. It is slowly getting more and more attention. It’s been featured in the local media in Indiana, and I heard a short story about it on Field and Stream radio last weekend. I think people are catching and releasing the same little tan-color-phase raccoon or its relatives. It got me to wondering, how would have people described this if it hadn’t been [...]

The Dover Demon Lives

Move over Ortiz, Manny and Beckett! Share the media airwaves Boston Red Sox! I will be on television around 4:15 p.m. on Boston’s “NewsDay Live,” this Friday, October 12th, on the New England Cable Network, speaking about Mysterious America and specifically, the Dover Demon. A figurine of the Dover Demon is displayed at the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine. The strange creature was spotted in Dover, Massachusetts, in 1977. The Dover Demon sculpture is by artist Steve Goodrich of New York State. (Photograph: Amber Waterman/Sun Journal.) This weekend (see poster below), I will also be speaking about the Dover [...]