Laughing At Ghosts In Maine Woods

John Richardson followed up his earlier article on the eastern panther survey with a short column on March 24, 2007, entitled “Seeing ‘ghosts’ in the Maine woods.” Today’s commentary has the classic framework of beginning and ending paragraphs, which in typical journalistic style, are used to bring balance into the tone of the article: For an animal that’s supposed to be extinct in the eastern United States, mountain lions have sure been getting around the Maine woods….So if you think you’ve seen a mountain lion, you aren’t crazy. You may not even be wrong. And you certainly are not alone.John [...]

Eastern Puma Survey Media Analysis

A copyright-free image of the cougar from Webster’s New International Dictionary of the English Language, 1911. Do eastern pumas exist? Are they an endangered species? Should these “ghost cats” be removed from the endangered species list? Are the eastern subspecies actually different from the western subspecies? These are a few of the questions that the United States federal government will answer by the end of the year, they promise. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service announced some time ago it is formally reviewing the status of the eastern mountain lion to determine if the felid should stay on the [...]

What Place Creationists?

It appears people are dying to argue or debate or yell at each other about evolutionism, creationism, and cryptozoology. Therefore, as opposed to this discussion popping up, sort of off-topic, in other Cryptomundo blogs’ comment sections, let’s try this. Here are a couple simple questions: Does cryptozoology have room for creationists? Does cryptozoology have room for evolutionists? In an evidence-based scientific model, does the philosophy or religion of the person gathering the evidence matter when the pursuit of new animals is concerned? When tracking down cryptids, whether the cryptozoologist is chasing Bigfoot, dinosaurs, or new species of rats, does it [...]