The Great Days of Yeti Hunting

Harry Trumbore’s drawing of a Yeti. Ask yourself, where are all the great Yeti hunters from the 1950s? Take for example, what is Peter Byrne, the leader of the Tom Slick expeditions of the 1950s, up to these days? Byrne is often remembered, for example, online at such sites as The Anomalist and Wikipedia, with regard to his involvement with the late actor Jimmy Stewart and the Pangboche Hand. My favorable overview of Byrne’s Yeti-related life appeared in Tom Slick: True Life Encounters in Cryptozoology. The book contains an updated version of what I had previously written about Byrne and [...]

Hobbit News Old News

Research findings by Dr. Dean Falk confirming that Homo floresiensis is a separate species were first exclusively discussed here in May 21, 2006. We previewed for you what is being discussed in widespread media reports today. Here’s our flashback that predates the latest news by half a year. Reacting strongly to the latest round of attacks on Homo floresiensis being conducted more in the media than in reasoned reality, Peter Brown, one of the primary researchers of the new species has told Cryptomundo: "Some people see exactly what they want to see, for a variety of reasons." Distracters, the media, [...]

Eastern Cougar Mysteries

On display at Harvard’s Museum of Comparative Zoology: The verified casts (one shown above, the other below) of credible eastern cougar tracks found in Massachusetts in 1990. Naturalist Helen McGinnis’ of the Eastern Cougar Foundation, during January 2007, has raised some questions about the above during their “Project Hoax.” A Mystery Melanistic Felid captured on film in Florida turned out to be a black bobcat. Helen McGinnis, in the late 1970s, gathered evidence and privately published her findings in papers widely distributed to cryptozoologically-minded associates saying she thought upwards of 40% of the mystery cats in that state were melanistic. [...]

Giant Owls, Mystery Millionaires & the CIA

Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action. – from Goldfinger by Ian Fleming, who achieved the rank of Commander in British Naval Intelligence. Rumors are sweeping throughout Kashmir of a mystery millionaire who will pay a high bounty on the capture of giant owls. Now we hear that some are saying this is just a cover story for the CIA. That this news is related to the hunt for bin Laden. Does this sound like something from the covert intelligence days of millionaire Tom Slick in that part of the world? Why are two other "giant [...]

Mothman Death Curse and Firewall

Let’s take a walk on the wild side, for a moment. It is the weekend, and tonight you may be looking for a new movie to go out and see. Perhaps you’ll go to Firewall, the new flick with Harrison Ford. Ford took the last three years to create it, and there’s lots of buzz about the movie already. One of the things you will see creeping into some of the news about Firewall is the unusual mentioning of "Mothman." But why? For those that never knew, the media is reminding people that during the meandering director’s search for Firewall, [...]