Year In Review

Mystery Beast Thrice on Top Ten

The Lewiston Sun Journal has posted, in the midst of their current home page, a new listing (with links) of their most viewed news articles for 2006. Their earlier listing of the general story of Turner, Maine’s mysterious monster as number six was based on unknown criteria. This new online-based ranking of individual articles reinforces the common knowledge of those working at the paper – the Mystery Beast stories last summer sold the most newspapers for the L/A media organization over the most days in the reporters’ recent memory. As you can see below, story numbers 1, 5, and 9, [...]

Weird Wisconsin: Man Bat

Click on image for full size version Wisconsin’s Coulee News has published a story on January 3, 2006, entitled: "Man Bat Tale Tops 2006 for Weirdness" by Randy Erikson. It gives a journalistic overview of the case, although Linda Godfrey warns me it does have some factual mistakes. Her website with this same incident is found by clicking here and the student newspaper’s story is a pdf here (go to page five of the document). The article reads: As we start another year, I know there are at least a few among us who will look back at 2006 and [...]

Maine Mutant #6 in 2006

An automobile travels the sparsely used Route 4 through the Turner, Maine, area, little knowing what it will meet around the next corner. It wasn’t a Stephen King novel, but a real-life incident that captured the media, first in Maine, then more globally last summer, into early fall. Lewiston, Maine’s Sun Journal published their 2006 year-in-review on the first day of the new year. Route 4′s “Mystery Animal” (a/k/a “Maine Mutant”) was on their list. Monday, January 1, 2007 Top stories of 2006 Tragedies dominated the tri-county news in 2006, with young people dying in car accidents, plane crashes, the [...]

More New Species and Subspecies Announced

As 2006 rolls to a close, scientists are releasing more announcements of new species and subspecies. Here are details of a new lizard, new birds, a new fish and a new subspecies of tiger. Thailand: New Lizard (Not Salamander) The Bangkok, Thailand newspaper, The Nation is reporting on December 25, 2006, that a new species of reptile, apparently incorrectly translated as a “salamander,” but as noted by Chad Arment, a lizard has been discovered that features a “short tail with thornlike scales.” The Huai Hang Nam [lizard] was found living in a seasonal rain forest near Tevada Mountain in Chaiyaphum’s [...]