Women in Cryptozoology

Healthwatch: Cryptozoologists

Some cryptozoologists and hominologists around the world are in various stages of recovery and concern has been expressed in the community about their health problems. Here’s a brief roundup: Most recently, on 14th September 2007, Nessie researcher Tony Harmsworth of Scotland suffered a stroke. He is feeling better this month. It will be recalled that in the last two years, Loch Ness Monster hunter Roy Mackal, formerly of the University of Chicago, suffered a couple heart attacks, but the latest is that his recovery has been steady. Washington State Bigfooter Ray Crowe’s diabetes continues to take its toll. The formerly [...]

I Think I Saw Something…

“Colin, I think I saw something….over there.” The “Sonia Uribe Files” website does seem to be active, but you can also read more about the forthcoming documentary at “Sexy Spokeswoman Comes Out For Nessies.”

Sexy Spokeswoman Comes Out For Nessies

I resisted calling this blog, “Sex and the Not-So-Single-Nessie.” But that title would have worked, probably. People – at least the broader general public – are not listening but you’ve been reading it here for weeks. Publicity from the Holmes Nessie video in June, debates about the Chinese Lake Monster footage all summer, and now this recent back and forth about Loch Ness sightings of cryptids being down are only the tip of the iceberg. While some silly columnists writing commentaries about “Nessie being dead” have made foolish mistakes such as talking about “one monster” and seriously bringing up circus [...]

You Are Cryptomundo

Our secret is out. Cryptomundo is fun and visited by people that enjoy exploring the edge. You are adventurers. You are explorers. You are romantic zoologists. You are cryptozoologists. And none of us deny it. It is always intriguing to read of my pursuit from others’ points of view, which can give me some interesting global insights. At Chewing Pixels, in the blog “Cryptozoology and Nintendo,” the observer writes about Cryptomundo: This mixture of content ensnares the reader by effectively holding the plausible and the mostly implausible in delicate tension – acceptable because both the announcement of the discovery of [...]