Women in Cryptozoology

Cryptozoology in the Medieval World

I have been in New York City for two days, but I have left various items to be posted in my absence, as you have been seeing. I could not be away without, at least, leaving an intellectual contribution to be posted at the start time of my talk at the American Museum of Natural History. For those looking for an extremely thoughtful discussion of the history of cryptozoology, you may download the following paper here: Cryptozoology in the Medieval and Modern Worlds.

CZ Museum’s Deco Logo For The 21st Century

The International Cryptozoology Museum (ICM) continues its evolving development, and today announces the launch of its new logo. Designed by award-winning branding and marketing designer Duncan Hopkins of iTaggit, who has a subspeciality in cryptozoology work, this logo becomes the icon of the ICM. The design proudly displays as its centerpiece a symbolic representation of the first coelacanth discovered in 1938. The story of the coelacanth, a fish ethnoknown to the locals as the gombessa or mame, ranks as one of the “darlings of cryptozoology,” along with other discovered species such as the okapi, the giant squid, the mountain gorilla, [...]

Healthwatch: Cryptozoologists

Some cryptozoologists and hominologists around the world are in various stages of recovery and concern has been expressed in the community about their health problems. Here’s a brief roundup: Most recently, on 14th September 2007, Nessie researcher Tony Harmsworth of Scotland suffered a stroke. He is feeling better this month. It will be recalled that in the last two years, Loch Ness Monster hunter Roy Mackal, formerly of the University of Chicago, suffered a couple heart attacks, but the latest is that his recovery has been steady. Washington State Bigfooter Ray Crowe’s diabetes continues to take its toll. The formerly [...]

I Think I Saw Something…

“Colin, I think I saw something….over there.” The “Sonia Uribe Files” website does seem to be active, but you can also read more about the forthcoming documentary at “Sexy Spokeswoman Comes Out For Nessies.”