Women in Cryptozoology

Maine Mountain Lion Study Group

A group of Dexter Regional High School students and their teacher-adviser Regan McPhetres plan to investigate and prove the existence of mountain lions in Maine. McPhetres, who along with another teacher ran a similar program from 1992 through 2001 in the Winslow-Waterville area, believes there is plenty of evidence that the elusive creatures have a presence in Maine. “There’s evidence they exist around us,” McPhetres said Sunday, despite the reluctance of some state officials to embrace the findings. He said confirmed sightings have been reported in Vermont, New Hampshire and New Brunswick. Mountain lions are supposed to be extinct east [...]

Women in Cryptozoology: Jan McGirk in Johor

Flashback: Let us trek back to Johor with newswoman Jan McGirk and revisit the Malaysian situation before it got lost in the morass of the photo hoaxing, to the events surrounding the initial finding of the now famed track cast. Jan McGirk, on the right, assists with the casting compound, to mold the footprint she first found in Johor, the one often shown being held by Joshua Gates. ++++ The unknown world: How I tracked Bigfoot through the Malaysian jungle (by Jan McGirk). Jan McGirk joined a team of paranormal investigators to check out reports of 10 ft giant apes [...]

Cryptozoology in the Medieval World

I have been in New York City for two days, but I have left various items to be posted in my absence, as you have been seeing. I could not be away without, at least, leaving an intellectual contribution to be posted at the start time of my talk at the American Museum of Natural History. For those looking for an extremely thoughtful discussion of the history of cryptozoology, you may download the following paper here: Cryptozoology in the Medieval and Modern Worlds.

CZ Museum’s Deco Logo For The 21st Century

The International Cryptozoology Museum (ICM) continues its evolving development, and today announces the launch of its new logo. Designed by award-winning branding and marketing designer Duncan Hopkins of iTaggit, who has a subspeciality in cryptozoology work, this logo becomes the icon of the ICM. The design proudly displays as its centerpiece a symbolic representation of the first coelacanth discovered in 1938. The story of the coelacanth, a fish ethnoknown to the locals as the gombessa or mame, ranks as one of the “darlings of cryptozoology,” along with other discovered species such as the okapi, the giant squid, the mountain gorilla, [...]