The Many Firsts of The Borneo Rhino Images

Dicerorhinus sumatrensis harrissoni Earlier on Cryptomundo, Craig Woolheater uploaded the video footage of the Borneo rhinoceros, here. Now the media is taking video captures from the footage and publishing them. Some who are not reading too carefully will think there is “new” news of the filming of a Borneo Rhino, but this is merely the continued cycling of an updated Reuters dispatch about the recent announcements from April. For example, The Daily Times of Pakistan for May 7, 2007, is reporting that the two-horned Borneo rhinoceros (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis harrissoni), a subspecies of the Sumatran rhino, has been filmed (see video [...]

New Pterosaur Video?

Are the following new video images those of a prehistoric flying reptile seen over the waters near New Guinea? Well, frankly, I am not going to play any investigative games with you, my readers today about these YouTube uploads. Unfortunately, the democracy of the internet is going wild with such speculations about living pterosaurs. All these people would have to do is look in any good bird identification guide. These images are most certainly footage of frigatebirds, which are related to the pelicans; please compare to the photographs below. There are five species in the family Fregatidae, the frigatebirds, and [...]

Back From Lake Champlain

Well, I’m back from Lake Champlain, having spent some good time there with the film crew from Nippon TV. I’ll write more about it later today, but merely wished to report in that while no images of Champ were recorded (the above fake is from a Burlington Free Press photo contest from last summer), I was surprised to discover they had earlier had 80-year-old Roy Mackal at the lake too. More later…

Japanese ChampQuest ‘07

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE from Wireless News Flash… Japanese Filmakers on “ChampQuest” in Vermont APRIL 19, 2007 PORTLAND, ME. (Wireless Flash) — The jig may soon be up for a sneaky lake monster who’s been hiding in a Vermont lake for nearly 200 years. That’s because a group of Japanese filmmakers are converging on Lake Champlain, Vermont, this weekend [April 22-25, 2007] in hopes of snapping footage of “Champ,” a cousin to the Loch Ness Monster that supposedly resides in the lake. Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, who is helping the filmmakers on what is being called “ChampQuest,” says there have been Champ [...]