New Pterosaur Video?

Are the following new video images those of a prehistoric flying reptile seen over the waters near New Guinea? Well, frankly, I am not going to play any investigative games with you, my readers today about these YouTube uploads. Unfortunately, the democracy of the internet is going wild with such speculations about living pterosaurs. All these people would have to do is look in any good bird identification guide. These images are most certainly footage of frigatebirds, which are related to the pelicans; please compare to the photographs below. There are five species in the family Fregatidae, the frigatebirds, and [...]

New “Paddler” Photo Surfaces

A new photograph, above, has surfaced of Idaho’s Lake Monster, Paddler (specifically look at the right hand corner). And I do mean surfaced. This image was taken on March 29, 2007, from Grouse Mountain, Idaho, by The River Journal’s staff photographer Jay Mock and sent to Cryptomundo by “Surrealist Research Bureau” columnist Jody Forest. Obviously, then, Paddler is the real deal. Paddler, the Lake Pend Oreille Monster, does appear to exist. But is it merely a cover story for the use of Navy submarines or are submarine sightings being confused with actual lake monster accounts? In the early 1940s, near [...]