Living Dinosaurs

Ropen: Flying Reptiles Alive Today

One of the routine ways of looking at reports of giant flying creatures from exotic lands is as shown in the new comic, Cryptid, as giant bats (below). But there is another school of thought too. In Africa, they are called Kongomato (see below – William M. Rebsamen art from Cryptozoology A to Z and a mysterious photograph of one that has surfaced on the internet). In New Guinea, they are named Ropen. Some would have us consider if there are pterosaurs among us still today. A new book, Searching for Ropens, proposes they do exist. American cryptozoologist Matt Bille, [...]

New Coelacanth Video

A capture of an image from the Japanese research team videotape of a one-meter long coelacanth taken off Indonesia on May 30, 2006. As first announced in May here, some startlingly clear images of living Indonesian coelacanths have been taken. Now, a portion of the Indonesian coelacanth video shot several weeks ago has been made public. You can see a segment of the video in this short news clip on YouTube. While the news report states that 4 Indonesian coelacanth were videotaped, Aquamarine Fukushima’s coelacanth web page claims that a total of 7 were videotaped during the period from May [...]

In Search of African Dragons

Jon Downes has announced that his Center for Fortean Zoology will attempt to track down recent accounts of “dragons” or monitor lizards in West Africa. In early July 2006, a six-person team from the North Devon-based UK group is travelling to Gambia to investigate these folktales. They may find the trail a little cold. Back on June 12, 1983, 15-year-old amateur naturalist Owen Burnham discovered the fresh carcass of a strange beast on the remote Bungalow Beach in Gambia. The stranded dead cryptid was around 15 feet long and looked like a cross between a crocodile and a dolphin. Owen [...]

Breaking News: Nahuelito Photographed

Cryptozoologist Scott Corrales of Inexplicata is sharing that the latest photographs of a famed Lake Monster of Argentina has surfaced on April 15, 2006. Giving as a source El Cordillerano Edicion of Argentina for Monday, April 17, 2006, the article translated is "The Latest Photo of Lake Nahuel Huapi Monster." Here’s Corrales’ text, from Spanish to English: Photos were left behind by anonymous reader at the newsroom The man came to our newsroom, spoke to the receptionist and left her an envelope with three photos and a note that read: "This is not a tree trunk with a capricious shape. [...]

Dragons in Paris

An exhibition and exposition on “Dragons: Science and Fiction” has been announced at the Museum of Natural History in Paris [Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle à Paris (36 rue Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire)] from April 5 though November 6, 2006. Their website can be found by clicking here. Beaucoup de mercis French cryptozoologist Michel Raynal, for this news.

“Flying Dinosaurs”

Two new publications have appeared on the little-discussed subject of what is popularly referred to as "flying dinosaurs." These two works, however, are at separate ends of the cryptozoology continuum. One is a non-fiction review of the sightings over North America of pterodactyl-like creatures, and the other is a comic graphic novel. Intriguingly, their promotional imagery is reminiscent of each other. In Volume 10, Number 2 of the journal Wonders, cryptozoologist and the journal’s editor Mark A. Hall tackles living dinosaurs, first in an article about ones that soar. The flying variety over his home continent are detailed. Also Hall [...]