Sea Serpents

Brown Shark Discovered

David Pescovitz over at Boing Boing has the latest on a new shark find. The new brown shark species ( Mustelus hacat) was "discovered in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez. Postgraduate student Juan Carlos Perez noticed the 5-foot long, dark gray-brown animals in 2003 while on a fishing boat studying sharks, but only recently confirmed via genetic testing that they represent a new species," noted Pescovitz.

Solving A Sea Serpent Mystery of Heuvelmans

Solution d’un mystère de serpent de mer de Heuvelmans In Bernard Heuvelmans’s classic In the Wake of the Sea Serpent, he revealed a minor mystery to keen readers. Specifically, on pages 114, 144 and 575, of the 1968 English edition of the book, Heuvelmans briefly mentioned a Sea Serpent sighting from 1782, by British troops at "Bagaduse." Heuvelmans, within the text of his book, sourced the story with the Reverend Abraham Cunningham. Cunningham related an account, wrote Heuvelmans, of the "British on their expedition to Bagaduse" having seen a "Sea Serpent" reportedly "300 feet long." Heuvelmans considered that size exaggerated, [...]

The Mystery Fish – X-CMing

Is there such a thing as X-CMing? Extreme -ing? You, the Cryptomundo readers, have demonstrated that the Mystery Fish Postcard Photograph is one of the most popular all-time cryptid image enigmas, yet. Due to popular demand, here is a roundup of all four direct links to the "Mystery Fish Photo" entries in the blog, from earliest to most recent: "Name the Mystery Fish" "Name the Mystery Fish Continued" "Mystery Fish Comparison" "Mystery Fish Head Closeup" Almost two hundred comments, most of them extremely thoughtful and detailed, can be found at these entries, and yours are welcome here. To [...]

Mystery Fish Head Closeup

Due to several requests for a closeup of the head of the mystery cryptid on the postcard, here’s a computer enhancement. What do you see here? (Click image for full-size version) (Click image for full-size version, provided by Todd DiLaMuca) (Click image for full-size version, provided by Todd DiLaMuca)