Loch Ness Monster

Nessie and Hunt the Gowk

The story of Nessie revolves around key events that happen in April. A pattern emerges that tells us the monsters in Loch Ness may be especially visible as the northern spring weather has more people motoring and cycling around lochside. Or is it about increasingly active cryptids in the water? The first good sighting occurred on April 14, 1933, when Mr. and Mrs. MacKay, traveling from Inverness to Drumnadrochit, saw two large humps in the middle of the loch, swimming parallel with Aldourie Pier (on the opposite side from where they were). The single best piece of moving photographic evidence [...]

Champ On TV

Raymond A. Edel’s "TV best bets" for Thursday, March 9, 2006, is mentioning "America’s Loch Ness Monster" for viewing tonight, at 7:00 PM Eastern, on the Discovery Channel (in the USA). Scotland has its legendary creature of Loch Ness, but Lake Champlain — between northern New York and Vermont — has its own alleged monster named Champ.

Dracontologist Jacques Boisvert Dies Suddenly

Monster hunter, scuba diver, historian, and ecologist, Jacques Boisvert, died on Saturday, February 4, 2006, at age 73, suddenly, untimely, and quietly, according to the Magog, Quebec newspaper The Outlet. Ironically, Jacques recommended I place myself on the mailing list of this small newspaper, which is not online. The paper’s arrival today was my first awareness of his death. Jacques Boisvert was born on October 11, 1932, in Magog, Quebec, the fourth of five children of Omer Boisvert and Jeanne Estelle Guilbert. He worked for his father’s insurance, investment, and ski management business for many years, assuming ownership in 1988. [...]

Photo Contests: Duel Masters’ Bigfoot One Ends, “Champ Sightings” Begins

Today is the deadline, February 3rd, 2006, for the Duel Masters™ 2005 Photo Contest. You have until Midnight Eastern (9 PM Pacific) to email your photo (see rules here) to this email address. Remember, they are going to give away $5000, $2500, and three $500 prizes, and winners will be announced by February 20th. Click image for larger version Meanwhile, in Burlington, the "Vermont Lake Monsters," a minor league baseball team affiliated with the Washington Nationals, have started their own photo contest. The mascot of the Vermont Lake Monsters is "Champ," known to cryptozoologists, of course, as the cryptids inhabiting [...]

Hoan Kiem’s Giant Turtle

In the midst of a very long article reviewing the eating establishments and the The Ho Chi Minh Museum of Hanoi, Vietnam, there’s a surprising update on the Old City’s most famous cryptid. Photograph of the Hoan Kiem Lake’s Giant Turtle. Credit Vietnam.net Here’s what we learn from Simon Busch, in the January 28th edition of London’s Financial Times: The turtle of Hoan Kiem Lake sounds terribly lonely. Such experts as there are on this most elusivecreature, Vietnam’s only slightly less fabulous version of the Loch Ness Monster, contend furiously over its likely age and its species – even its [...]

Wireless Flash Dispatch: Show Me The Yeti

_________________________________________ WIRELESS FLASH FOR FRIDAY JANUARY 27, 2006 _________________________________________ CRYPTOZOOLOGIST SAYS, `SHOW ME THE YETI!’ PORTLAND, Maine (Wireless Flash) — A cryptozoologist is encouraging people of all ages to submit photos related to Bigfoot, Nessie or Yeti — a.k.a. The Abominable Snowman — to compete for a grand prize of $5,000. Duel Masters trading card company is sponsoring the contest, offering a total of $9,000 in prizes for photos that successfully maintain the folklore and further the allure of finding the legendary beasts. Loren Coleman — a famed cryptozoologist and one of the judges of the competition — says they’re [...]