Homo floresiensis

New Little Skulls

A new species of monkey discovered in South America, larger than contemporary monkeys? A new hominid species found, perhaps as a link between erectus and sapiens? Two recent new fossil skull finds may have much to tell cryptozoology, as they become more deeply understood. A team of Argentinean and United States scholars have identified a new species of monkey that once roamed the rainforests of Patagonia, South America. The discovery of the monkey species, Killikaike blakei, was announced by Brooklyn College Associate Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology Alfred L. Rosenberger. The discovery, dated to 16.4 million years ago, was of [...]


The media interest in the “Hobbits,” which I still enjoy calling by their more formal name, the Flores people or Homo floresiensis, is finally touching more seriously on their possible affinity to Australopithecus afarensis (“Lucy’). What’s interesting about this to cryptozoologists, of course, is the link to a continuous range of reports of little, upright hairy people from Indonesia, through India and the ancient Ceylon (Nittaewo), over to the homeland of “Lucy.” The reports of Sehite (West Africa) and Agogwe (East Africa) are especially intriguing for matching those of the Ebu Gogo of Flores Island. In the 1940s, there were [...]