Cryptozoology Conferences

ScareFest, Bretton Woods….

Fans have me autograph the darndest things….

See some of you in Kentucky. Images from a recent event.

Werewolves, Scarefest & Monster Mash

Weird things are in the news, new books are out, and upcoming events are not to be missed. Images.

Stronsay Beast: 200 Year Update Promised

Geneticist Dr. Yvonne Simpson has researched the marine cryptid and will reveal her latest discoveries at the Orkney International Science Festival. Images.

Willow Creek’s Bigfoot Days

The small community’s Chamber of Commerce celebration dates back to at least 1990, with an annual procession down the middle of state Route 299. Images.

Mt. Washington Conference Pix

Images are being sent in from last weekend’s Beyond Reality event at the beautiful Mount Washington Hotel at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire.

Mothman Curse Hits TAPS Conference

Why have three events related to Mothman been cancelled at today’s and tomorrow’s TAPS Beyond Reality event?