Cryptid Cinema

Snowman Movie, Meditation and Mental Telepathy

I’m returning to New York to talk about Abominable Snowmen, Tom Slick, and telepathy between humans and Yetis. That’s right. I am barely back from the Big Apple, and I’m going back to introduce a favorite movie of mine during another museum’s new opening. I hope meet some of the people that missed my talk at the American Museum of Natural History on December 1st. If you wish, ask me about Yeti mind-reading or the real stories behind the movie that will be screening. Want your copy of Tom Slick autographed or interested in picking up a new one from [...]

Coming Soon: Cryptid

The above image of the Cryptid movie poster may be clicked to see a larger version. Remember the "Cryptid" comic book? Now there’s going to be a movie. According to the IMDb: Gruesome murders of South African farmers spur reports of a possible "cryptid" – a creature previously discovered by science. The worldwide news coverage of the gruesome murder attracts an international team of scientists to the remote area which is considered by some to be the "cradle of civilization". Cryptid Monster Full Cast and Crew for Cryptid (2006) Directed by Darrell Michael Writing credits (in alphabetical order) James Drydon [...]

Cannes 2006: The Host

A special little movie has been invited to screen at the Cannes 2006 Director’s Fortnight that is of interest to Cryptomundo. It is entitled The Host (Gue Mool), and directed by Bong Joon-ho, 37, of South Korea. Bae Doona, 27, model-turned-actress (above), who has had strong parts and gotten rave reviews, stars, along with lead David Joseph Anselmo. Perhaps under-whelming in its initial description, the Hollywood Reporter called The Host “a sci-fi horror about a mutant rising from Seoul’s Han river…full of special effects.” But then noted it has been described by Pere as “an auteur film and a very [...]