Skunk Apes

New Skunk Ape Sighting

There’s been a new Green Swamp (“Skunk Ape”) sighting. We have permission of Scott Marlowe to pass this along to Cryptomundo readers. Here’s the details, uncensored: This record was first created on 6/9/2006 Month = 5 Day = 27 Year = 2006 Season = Spring Region = 5 City = Lakeland County = Polk FIPS = 12015 Zip Code = 33803 Longitude = Latitude = Source = Direct Type = Terrestrial Cryptid = Swamp Ape Sighting Summary = Pangea Institute field group watched and was paced by a Swamp Ape seen by team members Narrative = The team had gone [...]

Mitchell River Monster?

Editor Lee Murdock of Fly Fishing Magazine brings to our attention North Carolina’s Mitchell River Monster. Noting a North Carolina author who is writing about unusual sightings in the Carolinas, Murdock writes… What caught my eye about this one was the mention of one of our area’s delayed harvest rivers coupled with the word monster: "One of the most compelling and frightening of the stories is that of the Mitchell River monster, a strange, unnaturally tall, violent creature that appears beside a calm stream – or, sometimes, next to Poplar Springs Road." The Mitchell River is located in Surry County [...]