Mystery Cats

“Beast of Balbirnie” Cast Update

Earlier here, CryptoZoo News mentioned the Scottish footcast found and declared authentic by the authorities. Several people have asked for us to publish the photograph of it. So here it is, with the official comparative examples of other casts: Photo A: "Beast of Balbirnie" cast Photo B: Balbirnie cast (top), captive puma (right), dog (bottom), leopard (left) Credit: BBC News By the way, in yesterday’s press reports, Paul Westwood was quoted by the media as disagreeing with the findings that the Beast of Balbirnie cast is a leopard’s. I asked Paul what he really said and feels about the cast. [...]

Minnesota Mystery Cat Captured

Sometimes cryptids are captured. Credit for video capture (no pun intended) from KSTP-TV. The recent sightings of a mystery cat in a Willmar, Minnesota neighborhood have resulted in the capture of a mountain lion, yesterday, on the first of February 2006. Surprise, surprise. It is a real animal. It was not a phantom or a figment of people’s imagination. The female mountain lion, puma, cougar, or whatever American moniker you want to use, officials say, weighs about 80 pounds and is believed to be 12 to 18 months old. But more importantly, the government line is reflected in the day [...]

Beast of Balbirnie

Tracks of a black leopard or melanistic panther in Scotland, at first dismissed by police as those of a St. Bernard dog, have been confirmed as a large feline’s. Scottish law enforcement authorities, on the evening of February 1st, released a statement noting they feel a black leopard (the size of a collie) is roaming near a Scottish town. As the Glasgow Herald is reporting in their February 2nd issue: A plaster cast of a paw print made following a sighting of the so-called “Beast of Balbirnie” in October [2005] has been studied by zoologists. The large, dark-coloured animal has [...]

Italian Black Panthers

An Italian press outlet is reporting that the country is experiencing a wave of Black Panther sightings. In an item entitled "Panther Panic Hits Italy Again," the old explanation that it "escaped from a zoo" or "circus train wreck" cropped up again. But the Russian zoo currently performing in Turin, Italy, the location of the recent Black Panther sightings, denied it was theirs. "We don’t have any panthers anyway. All we have are dogs, camels and horses," a zoo spokesman said. One eyewitness was a Turin traffic cop who managed to identify the big feline as a black panther. Authorities [...]

“Big” Ohio Cat?

Another “big” (?) black cat sighting has occurred in Ohio, this time with video being produced. Channel 10-TV, WBNS in Columbus, Ohio has the footage at their website. Rufus Hurst of Granville took the videotape of the black felid form in a forest-like setting. What do you think it looks like? The captured image appears to show a black domestic cat, at least in my first scan. But we aren’t going to reproduce an image from the videotape here for copyright reasons. Look at it quickly. Photos like this disappear quickly from the internet.