“Beast of Balbirnie” Cast Update

Earlier here, CryptoZoo News mentioned the Scottish footcast found and declared authentic by the authorities. Several people have asked for us to publish the photograph of it.

So here it is, with the official comparative examples of other casts:

Beast of Balbirnie cast

Photo A: "Beast of Balbirnie" cast

Beast of Balbirnie cast

Photo B: Balbirnie cast (top), captive puma (right), dog (bottom), leopard (left)

Credit: BBC News

By the way, in yesterday’s press reports, Paul Westwood was quoted by the media as disagreeing with the findings that the Beast of Balbirnie cast is a leopard’s.

I asked Paul what he really said and feels about the cast. Here’s his reply:

From what I can see from the picture of the paw print it is impossible to identify what animal made the print. I am surprised that police have accepted the findings of this so called expert. I do believe that there are big cats on the loose in the UK but I have yet to see any conclusive proof to support this. How can any one say by looking at that paw print conclude that it is from an 18 month old Leopard? Utter nonsense.

I have been misquoted in that I did not say that it was the wrong shape. I said that the print was not clear enough to give a positive identification. It was probably made by a dog.

You are welcome to use my comments.


Paul Westwood

Big Cat Monitors

What animal do you, the Cryptomundo readers, think left the "Beast of Balbirnie" footprint?