Cryptids, Kha-Nyou, and the Lazarus Effect

We’ve met this critter before. The Laotian Rock Rat (Laonastes aenigmamus) was #10 on the Top Cryptozoology Stories of 2005. The discovery of Laonastes aenigmamus, which literally means "a stone-dwelling puzzle-mouse," occurred when an alert member of the New York-based Wildlife Conservation Society spotted the rodent on sale for cooking meat at a Laotian food market. Of course, the local people were already familiar with the animal. They call it kha-nyou. But now, comes news from Science that the kha-nyou are not merely a new animal but one that represents an ancient family, the extinct Distomydae, a family of rodents [...]

Emela-Ntouka: Africa’s Killer of Elephants

Cryptomundo Exclusive The Emela-ntouka has been an unknown animal of some confusion in Africa. A few chroniclers have felt it was merely another named cryptid representing the sightings of the Mokele-mbembe. But as revealed by an image seen here for the first time, it appears to be a beast unlike the saurapod-like Mokele-mbembe. Click on image for larger size Copyright: Michel Ballot – Mokélé – Mbembé CAMEROUN 2004 On page 219 of one of my recent field guides, written with Patrick Huyghe, we noted, among several different kinds of alleged “dinosaurs” in Africa, “one animal is called by locals the [...]

New Waspfish Discovered Off South Africa

Sometimes you find new animals in museums. Look up the story of the Congo peacock on page 71 of Cryptozoology A to Z, someday. It’s a good one. For today, we turn our attention to a museum in South Africa. Yes, it has happened again. A specimen collected in 1994 has been revealed to be a new species. It was "re-discovered" at the South Africa Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity collection in Grahamstown. According to the South Africa Herald on January 18th: "The discovery of the creature, a species of the venomous, little-known waspfish, means great kudos for the institute." One [...]

The Mystery Fish – X-CMing

Is there such a thing as X-CMing? Extreme -ing? You, the Cryptomundo readers, have demonstrated that the Mystery Fish Postcard Photograph is one of the most popular all-time cryptid image enigmas, yet. Due to popular demand, here is a roundup of all four direct links to the "Mystery Fish Photo" entries in the blog, from earliest to most recent: "Name the Mystery Fish" "Name the Mystery Fish Continued" "Mystery Fish Comparison" "Mystery Fish Head Closeup" Almost two hundred comments, most of them extremely thoughtful and detailed, can be found at these entries, and yours are welcome here. To [...]

Mystery Fish Head Closeup

Due to several requests for a closeup of the head of the mystery cryptid on the postcard, here’s a computer enhancement. What do you see here? (Click image for full-size version) (Click image for full-size version, provided by Todd DiLaMuca) (Click image for full-size version, provided by Todd DiLaMuca)