Bigfooter Danielle Auclair Passes Away


Bigfooter Danielle Auclair died quietly at 7:37 pm, on Wednesday, August 5, 2020, in Florida. She grew up in Connecticut, loved horses, cryptozoology, and Bigfoot hunting. She enjoyed Creature Weekends in Ohio, going to Disney World’s Animal Kingdom, attending the Texas conference, and planning treks with her friends in the field.



Auclair, 50, was born September 7, 1969. Stage 3 cancer overtook her. She had been hospitalized on July 18, 2020, after two heart attacks. Danielle Auclair was in a medically induced coma at the time of her death.


Danielle Auclair had many friends in the field.

Creature Weekend Danielle Auclair



Here Auclair is with Amy Bue in October 2019, at the BBQ picnic for Creature Weekend in Salt Fork, Ohio. And Kevin Morrison too.

Gimlin Danielle Auclair

 Auclair also met Bob Gimlin, and had him sign her poster.


In November 2017, Auclair explored Isrtusa, Florida, with Skunk Ape hunting friends, Todd Neiss, Diane Stocking Neiss, William Douglas, Doris Douglas, John Edward Bresnahan, Dave Miller, Robert Robinson, and Tracy Robinson. She also explored the Myakka River area. Craig Woolheater and Joshua Warren were friends too. She was known to many folks, and her face is recognizable from her frequent conference attendances.

Auclair was looking forward to hunting for Champ, riding horses, and going for more Skunk Ape searching with Katy Elizabeth too. She lead an active life.



Our condolences to Danielle Auclair’s friends and family.


On August 15, 2020, her husband Eric received Danielle’s ashes, and shared them with Katy Elizabeth, who shared the following photo on Facebook.

Some confusion followed on Facebook due to some post-death (August 5th) Facebook postings that had some folks claiming Danielle was still alive. That, of course, was not true.


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  1. christopher
    christopher August 28, 2020 at 11:42 pm |

    Oh man… where to being…I’m so so so sorry for everyone’s loss. I met Danielle in high school and she was just the softest and the toughest.
    When you grow up with fellow kids,students if you will, there is a special kind of kinship you develop, one that time and distance and even death can’t erase. You reach back and smile at the good times,smirk at the bad. But you never forget.
    I’ve never forgotten her. She was a gem back then.

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