Whatever Happened to Mokele-Mbembe Seekers Justin Wilkinson & Marie T. Womak?


Shown above is Justin Wilkinson, Marie T. Womak, and Roy P. Mackal, from the group photograph of the Mackal-Bryan Likouala Expedition of 1981, in search of Mokele-mbembe. What happened to these three people?

We all now known that Roy Mackal died late last year, on September 13-14, in the Chicago area. See here.

Remarks from an individual, when I published “The Death of the Mokele-Mbembe Seekers,” pointed to more information that needed to be collected about two of the people above.

Apparently, long ago Marie Therese Womack had died. She was a Santa Monica resident and the expedition photographer for Roy Mackal on his Mokele-mbembe quest. Furthermore, M. Justin Wilkinson, who accompanied Mackal in 1981, may have died recently. But seem to have not been remembered.

Can you point to any celebrations of their lives – to complete the historical record of these folks? Yes, I am attempting to round out the story of these people for the Mokele-mbembe chapter of my next book. Thank you for any hints you have.