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  1. wzolotovskaya
    wzolotovskaya November 18, 2013 at 8:21 am |

    First of all, I am very excited about Dr. Sykes’ research and I cannot wait until all of his work has been published. I really can’t understand why people, particularly the Russian hominologists, are upset by his work and the documentary. I agree that the film does not, and cannot, reveal everything that Dr. Sykes has done. This is a great opportunity where, from what I understand, a mainstream scientist is objectively tackling the evidence associated with undiscovered animals. It appears that Dr. Sykes is seeking the truth and that is all I can ask for, even if it is not as fantastic as I have hoped. Just because he may not be working directly with the hominologists in Russia does not mean that he should not be seen as an ally. I actually see it as a way of being impartial. Also, I think Dmitri Bayanov probably should not be mentioning “parapsychological abilities”. I cannot say one way or another that these abilities exist but I don’t see why he would bring up another subject not accepted by mainstream science when he is already discussing something that is, more or less, rejected by the scientific community. I am also concerned when Bayanov mentions “North-American colleagues” who have taken video and collected DNA evidence without specifically mentioning who they may be or with what organization they may be associated. I worry that he may be referring to the Erickson Project or something similar where the evidence is, to my uneducated eye, really poor. The last thing I wonder about is what, if anything, Dr. Sykes’ research means for Melba Ketchum. Would he be interested in looking over her work and evidence to confirm, disprove or modify her theory? I really have a hard time accepting her findings because I lack knowledge and education in that field and the way she has gone about publishing her findings, her credentials, and the things she has said has left me in doubt. Perhaps some one like Sykes can reconcile the two extremes of some one like Ketchum and the stubbornly skeptical members of the scientific community.

  2. DWA
    DWA December 5, 2013 at 10:49 am |

    wzolotovskaya: ^^^that.

    I was going to quote you and restate stuff. But you said it as well as I could, so I’ll just let folks read that, every word.

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