Weird Animal News

Oldest Captive Gorilla Turns 55

Jenny at 55. Photo by Tony Gutierrez/AP. Jenny at 52. Photo by Jim Mahoney/Dallas Morning News. Before gorillas were discovered, they were cryptids. Now one of the oldest non-human primates among us has reached an age milestone. Gorillas, still rare in the wild, are more so in captivity. But it takes a special one to be noticed. For example, the world’s only captive albino gorilla, Snowflake (above) died from skin cancer in 2003. Snowflake lived beyond 40 years old; most male gorillas only live to be about 25 in the wild, although some female gorillas have a life expectancy of [...]

San Francisco Pythons by 2020

Some studies indicate that due to projected climate change, pythons will be a common feature of the “alien wildlife” in San Francisco by the year 2020.

Black Lions Prowling

[Reports such as the following are rare, indeed, and do get us solidly back to a cryptozoological frame of mind. Needless to say, for those not knowing, melanistic lions - even in South Africa - are not scientifically verified. - LC] A black lion known to exist is the guard of the Pszczyna castle, Poland, 15th century. From Nelspruit, South Africa, comes this breaking story: Big black lions are said to be roaming the streets of Matsulu township outside the Mpumalanga capital, terrifying residents who say they are too afraid to walk outside at night. Residents have been making anonymous [...]

Tim Cameron’s Seven Weird Mythical Creatures: Commentary

Comedian Tim Cameron at has set out to name the most outrageous “creatures,” which I guess we might assume could include a cryptid or two. His new list is entitled the “Weirdest Mythical Creatures in the World,” and I thought I’d share the essence of his gathering. Despite the profanity-injected narrative, which I found sometimes not-too-funny and distracting, the compilation was worthy of a look, as Cameron pointed to some overlooked alleged beasts. The creative list with a few of Cameron’s quoted but edited comments, without his “how to kill” them conclusions, is below. I truly did find the [...]

Alaska’s Prehistoric Monster

Cryptotourism has been in play for ages, especially highlighted by such sites as Loch Ness, which boasts of Nessie. Smaller examples of monsters and places, such as the Lizard Man of South Carolina or Tessie of Lake Tahoe, dot the maps of the world. But a new trend is the recognition of cryptids, history, and places in various locations, often further overlooked. Glacier Island’s monster is one case that even turned up in the old Books of Charles Fort. In Mr. X’s Hypertext of the works of Charles Fort, he notes the passage from Lo!: It may be that there [...]

Snow Leopard in Kentucky?

This alligator was captured and killed in Texas, although the photo is part of an e-mail circulating a rumor that an alligator is living in Rough River Lake, Kentucky. Courtesy of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Reports of exotic animals in Kentucky are sometimes rumors and sometimes the truth. While the giant alligator report in the Kentucky lake was false, three years ago in Bullitt County, Kentucky, a Himalayan snow leopard, one of the most endangered species on Earth, was captured near KY 44. Other animals captured (not just sighted) in Kentucky, include: Mountain lion, Mercer County, single occurrence. Caimans [...]

Giant Colossal Squid Thawed

Scientists stand in a thawing bath as they inspect the eye of the colossal squid at Te Papa Museum in Wellington on April 30, 2008. The 26 feet (8 meters) long colossal squid weighs 1,089 pounds (about 495 kg) and is the largest and best preserved adult colossal squid to be caught. (Xinhua/Reuters Photo) This same colossal squid was previously discussed at Cryptomundo, here and here. It was taken in February 2007. It was originally thought to measure 39 feet long but estimated to weigh only 990 pounds. Fishermen on the vessel San Aspiring, owned by the Sanford seafood company, [...]

Addax to Zebras: Mungall’s Exotic Animal Field Guide

Life works in strange ways. So does death. Good things can come from appreciating the moments that issue from both. Cryptozoologist Scott Norman’s and then my crypto-supportive mother’s separate sudden deaths within a forty-day span gave me pause recently to slow down a bit. Between the two events, I kept writing at a busy pace and conducted my “Pinkie” expedition to Florida. I also traveled to various locations to give cryptozoology talks, but I additionally wanted to take some quiet time for myself to visit animal parks and zoos. I’ve always found such gems in the midst of human habitats [...]

It’s Alive! Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake in New Zealand

The Yellowbelly Sea Snake or Pelagic Sea Snake (Pelamis platurus) is a species of sea snake found in tropical oceanic waters around the world. It occurs on both sides of the Pacific and is the only sea snake to have reached the Hawaiian Islands. It is so widespread that even one dead specimen has been found in Russia, on the coast of the Sea of Japan, near Vladivostok city. One of the world’s most poisonous snakes has now caused a stir in New Zealand, making its way to the snake-free country. When the 90-centimetre yellow-bellied sea snake washed up at [...]