Return of Abominable Snowmen

Sometimes it causes me a little tribulation to announce the reprint of a new book, and this is one of those times. Not because of the contents of the book, not because of the original author, and not even because of the price. No, sometimes, I have feelings about seeing good books republished too quickly as paperbacks, by publishers sometimes known for their loose editing and less than classic packaging. Hopefully, I will be mistaken about this one, but I won’t know until I see a copy to find out. Any day now, Adventures Unlimited Press (AUP) is set to [...]

Florida Gators Kill Two More

The Associated Press is reporting on May 14, 2006, that the "bodies of two women, both apparently killed by alligators, were found Sunday less than a week after a similar death in a state that had seen just 17 confirmed fatal attacks by the animals in the previous 57 years." The cases specifically are: (1) A 23-year-old woman staying at a secluded cabin near Lake George was attacked while snorkling at a lakeside recreation area, said Marion County Fire-Rescue Captain Joe Amigliore. The lake is about 50 miles southeast of Gainesville. and (2) In Pinellas County, the death of [a [...]

Tom Slick, Snowmen, and Spying

In conjunction with the University of Texas’ display, "Bigfoot in Texas?" this weekend, one of the speakers will be Catherine Nixon Cooke, a niece of Tom Slick. Ms. Cooke in 2005 published her book, Tom Slick, Mystery Hunter from Paraview, Inc. A question I would ask her if I was there: Was the late Texas oil and beef millionaire Tom Slick partially using his Snowmen expeditions to hide, in plain sight, his spying activity? Tom Slick’s life-long cryptozoological pursuits have been worthy of my attention for 46 years. My awareness about his probable spying has occurred in the last two [...]

20,000 Leagues Director Dies

Richard Fleischer, who directed the 1954 sci-fi movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, has died of natural causes at the Motion Picture and Television Hospital in Woodland Hills, California, on March 25, 2006. He was 89. Fleischer’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is best remembered by cryptofiction fans for its famed scene of the giant squid attacking Captain Nemo’s submarine, the Nautilaus, a major motion picture achievement of its day. The movie was based on Jules Vernes science fiction story of the same name, which was based on true reports of cryptid-style encounters with the giant squid or Kraken. The [...]

Head of Quagga Project Dies

The founder of the Quagga Project, South African taxidermist Reinhold E. Rau has died. Rau, who spent thirty years attempting to breed back into existence the quagga, an extinct zebra and nearly achieved it, died last month at his home in South Africa. Rau was born on February 7, 1932, and died on 12 February 12, 2006. Reinhold E. Rau at the South African Museum, a natural history museum in Cape Town, with the stuffed quagga foal that became the focus of his project. As Bernard Heuvelmans mentioned in his famed checklist of 1986, there continue to be reported sightings [...]