Forensic Science

“Beast of Balbirnie” Cast Update

Earlier here, CryptoZoo News mentioned the Scottish footcast found and declared authentic by the authorities. Several people have asked for us to publish the photograph of it. So here it is, with the official comparative examples of other casts: Photo A: "Beast of Balbirnie" cast Photo B: Balbirnie cast (top), captive puma (right), dog (bottom), leopard (left) Credit: BBC News By the way, in yesterday’s press reports, Paul Westwood was quoted by the media as disagreeing with the findings that the Beast of Balbirnie cast is a leopard’s. I asked Paul what he really said and feels about the cast. [...]

Minnesota Mystery Cat Captured

Sometimes cryptids are captured. Credit for video capture (no pun intended) from KSTP-TV. The recent sightings of a mystery cat in a Willmar, Minnesota neighborhood have resulted in the capture of a mountain lion, yesterday, on the first of February 2006. Surprise, surprise. It is a real animal. It was not a phantom or a figment of people’s imagination. The female mountain lion, puma, cougar, or whatever American moniker you want to use, officials say, weighs about 80 pounds and is believed to be 12 to 18 months old. But more importantly, the government line is reflected in the day [...]

Reconsidering Mermaids

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Often it’s merely a good line drawing. Cryptozoologist Mark A. Hall passes along a delightful “editorial cartoon” for our consideration in rethinking some issues and comments involved in Merbeing theorizing and debunking. Enjoy! Please click on the image for the full-size cartoon. Thanks to Mia B. Smith, Permissions Coordinator at American Scientist, who informs me the copyright for this cartoon is Bill Long, 2005.

Emela-Ntouka: Africa’s Killer of Elephants

Cryptomundo Exclusive The Emela-ntouka has been an unknown animal of some confusion in Africa. A few chroniclers have felt it was merely another named cryptid representing the sightings of the Mokele-mbembe. But as revealed by an image seen here for the first time, it appears to be a beast unlike the saurapod-like Mokele-mbembe. Click on image for larger size Copyright: Michel Ballot – Mokélé – Mbembé CAMEROUN 2004 On page 219 of one of my recent field guides, written with Patrick Huyghe, we noted, among several different kinds of alleged “dinosaurs” in Africa, “one animal is called by locals the [...]

Lost Legacies, Lost Evidence: Herman Regusters

I want to start an effort in 2006 to rediscover some missing people and their lost cryptozoological evidence, gone for years. Let’s begin with the well-known Californian cryptozoologist Herman Regusters. In the fall of 1981, Herman Regusters and his wife led a team into Lake Tele, Congo, in search of Mokele-mbembe. (Even though they might be undiscovered aquatic mammals, the cryptids called Mokele-mbembe are often discussed, first and foremost, in hauntingly romantic ways as perhaps surviving "Living Dinosaurs" in deepest Africa, in a somewhat Victorian fashion.) The Regusters returned with droppings, footprint casts, and sound recordings unlike any animal known [...]