More on Johor vs Yeti Casts

Josh Gates Finds Yeti Prints Near Everest

Above is the December 1, 2007, image of a “Yeti footcast” from Nepal. While it is unique, it does overtly resemble the Orang Dalam footcast that Josh Gates recovered from Malaysia in 2006.

The Group API decided to more closely compare what they saw as an uncritical examination of the Johor footcasts. Below are their images compared to the actual photographs of the footprints and their analysis.

rhino ft

Rhino feet.

elephant ft

Elephant feet.

Perhaps a close up of the toe imprints of the alleged Bigfoot print might shed further light.



Josh Gates seen here carrying his Bigfoot print cast. Notice the peculiar shape of the toes. This ‘perculiar-shaped’ toe feature is missing in later photos of the Cast. Do Rhino print looked like this? Compare too with the shape of a boar print.



A closeup look at the alleged Bigfoot print before it was cast by the International Group. The photo taken from the SPI website. Click here to view the original photo and you will be able to see the distinct ‘toe’ shape, especially the toe furthest left. Placed in comparism is some boar prints I found near the same area.

More on Tracks

The Verdict? The Johor Bigfoot print cast by Jan McGirk and Josh Gates was a blotched job. They should have cast the entire ground including the whole foot, so that when done, the imprint would have the exact print, and not just fill in the depression, which was subject to human opinion, amount of cast material, etc. at that point in time.API