Weird Cat News

Weird cats are in the news.

A tabby from the Qingyan province in China recently sprouted a pair of fur-covered wings on his back during a hot-weather spell, the U.K.’s Daily Mail reported.

In Sichuan, in southern China, cats there also have sprouted wing-like growths on their backs. The locals are ascribing the main reason also for this to the warm weather of Sichuan. Sichuan is a large province of China where a destroying earthquake struck this spring. Though the wing growth appears quite fluffy and bushy, they do contain bones inside, media reports said.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times’ David Kelly writes: “Neighbors first noticed the feline squatters [bobcats] Aug. 27 hanging out on a side wall of the empty house in the Tuscany Hills development….The foreclosed home is one of several on the block. Its lawn is brown but still being watered by the sprinklers. The house sits right up against barren, chaparral-covered hills. At least two adult bobcats and perhaps a litter of young ones appear to be occupying the house. Residents have mixed emotions about their new neighbors.”

Finally, sad news, to share, for Kimber, an 18 year old liger, has died on September 1, 2008, according to Mike Wyche, a spokesman for Cat Tales Zoological Park. The liger, a lion and tiger mix, became very popular due to an appearance in the 2004 hit movie Napoleon Dynamite.