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Gordon Holmes Loch Ness Monster

Who is Gordon T. Holmes?

What do we know about the man who took the Nessie footage in late May 2007?

Does Gordon Holmes have visions of becoming the next Sherlock Holmes, following in the footsteps of that character’s creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle?

It is with no disrespect that I compile for my readers the facts that Mr. Holmes has placed out there in cyberspace about himself. He has freely admitted that he has filmed fairies, seen apparent alien black cats (ABCs, alien big cats, as they are often called because they are “out of place” or alien – not from outer space), taken electrical spectrograms of what he thinks are large electric eels in Lake Morar, and has a “sort of medical condition…for visualising a sort of frame from a Dream whilst being conscious.” Now he’s getting publicity for filming Nessie. Whoa.

As I’ve mentioned before in print and in interviews, a videotape or photograph of a cryptid should never be analyzed without regard to looking into the background of the person that took the image or images.

I decided to start doing such a background check, as I mentioned recently to the media, to look at the “footprints” that Mr. Holmes has left behind.

Immediately after the news of the new Nessie videotape broke in Yorkshire and Scotland, I found that Holmes had a biographical page on the site of the Department of Archaeological Sciences at Bradford University. It clearly identified the same man pictured there and at Loch Ness as Gordon T. Holmes.

He was listed as holding the position of Media and IT Technician, which dovetailed with what he was technically doing at the Loch, when trying to film Nessie.

In searching for what publications he may have written, I found these at Amazon UK:

Radio Observations and Theories of Shoemaker-Levy 9 Comet (Saltaire Amateur Space Research Group) by Gordon T. Holmes (Hardcover – 1 Dec 1994)

2000 BC: a Neolithic Solstice Odyssey by Gordon T. Holmes (Paperback – 1997)

Merlin’s Meteorite by Gordon T. Holmes (Paperback – 1998)

A Cup and Ring Stone by Gordon T. Holmes (Paperback – 1998)

The Complex Creation of All Universes (Saltaire Amateur Space Research Group) by Gordon T. Holmes (Paperback – Oct 2000)

Holmes on his deeper university staff page notes that Saltaire Amateur Space Research Group is the SASRG Press, his own press.

Gordon Holmes has authored on his elaborate theories linking megalithic art to patterns in the sky. He writes:

Self-published my ideas and theories about the Carvings in book form: -
’2000BC A Neolithic Stone Age Odyssey’
’2000 BC A Cup & Ring Stone Trek’.
Also self published 2 Astronomy related books:
‘Merlin’s Meteorite’
‘The Complex Creation of all Universes’.
Latest Book:
‘Trice Visualisation’
which describes a sort of medical condition I have for visualising a sort of frame from a Dream whilst being conscious. Intricate Patterns rotate, or the inside of a room appears to be within arms length of me, also Cartoon-like Sketches. These images only last about 40 seconds before fading and usually the experience occurs every few months on average.
– Gordon T. Holmes

Next, Holmes tells us he’s filmed fairies and seen black cats:

Booklet + Video CD £4.00
Video Evidence of Fairy like people on Ilkley Moor & Cottingley Beck
CD includes Video extracts and images of Fairy-like figures.
Im not the type of Person who believes in UFOs, Fairies and the like, so my Camcorder must be lying.

Beware of the Newby Cote Black Cat!

Just after Foot & Mouth outbreak finished, I saw a Black Cat stalking Sheep at the little Hamlet of Newby Cote, near Clapham, Yorkshire Dales. I reported it to the Craven Herald and 2 weeks later someone else reported it a few miles away from my location. Its tail was long as its body in length and it only looked to be a young and lean Adult, possible a Panther or another type of Wild Moggie. Certainly not a domestic one (have had 3 – should know).Gordon T. Holmes

From The Modern Antiquarian website, Craig Woolheater shared this email with me, which was posted there:

Hello, You may be interested in my self published booklet + Video CD that is due out within a few days.
It shows possible evidence of Fairies and strange Lady Figures I captured on my old Camcorder whilst recording at Lode Saddle Well, Burley Moor (Ilkley Moor) near the Apostle Stone Circle. Also unusual Figures at guess where,
Cottingley Beck! Possibly, the best evidence of Fairies outside Cottingley! You are invited to observe the Video extracts plus JPEG images & reach your own Conclusions.
Booklet £3.00 + Video CD £1.00 (win98, 2000, XP needs
a movie player software).
Publisher: SASRG PRESS
ISBN : 0 9524804 7 6
[with his email address](state ‘Fairy’ in Title). Regards, Gordon.
Author: Gordon T. Holmes.

Cottingley Fairies

One of the Cottingley Fairy photographs.

Realistically, we must now admit, at the very least, Gordon T. Holmes is a bit eccentric, perhaps a shade too gullible, and if he still believes in the Cottingley Fairies photographs, which were promoted by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, then he is not current on his reading.

In late 1981 and mid-1982 respectively, Frances Way (née Griffiths) and Elsie Hill (née Wright), who took the Cottingley photographs admitted that the first four pictures were fakes.

Having gotten caught up in the tangled web involving those photographs in our 1975 book, The Unidentified, Jerry Clark and I have written frequently since then, exposing and discussing them as fakes.

Cottingley Fairies

Another of the Cottingley Fairy photographs.

Frankly, I think this all throws the new Nessie footage in some doubt, for, after all, what was seen and filmed might just be a small eel, a porpoising otter, or an underweight seal.

Or are we to merely assume that Gordon T. Holmes is a very lucky man?

Okay, what is a skeptic cryptozoologist to think now?

Gordon Holmes Loch Ness Monster