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  1. Igor Burtsev
    Igor Burtsev March 18, 2016 at 5:25 am |

    I feel very sad of having passed the Honored Bigfoot Lady – Mary Green. My condolences to her sons and other family members.
    Mary played a special role in my researches’ story too: her with Janice Carter book gave impetus to my exploration of the America concerning Bigfoot.
    Though I had very tigh contacts with American and Canadian researchers since 1960s – with John Green, George Haas, Constance Cameron, Rene Dahinden, Grover Crantz and many others, but the book published by Mary Green and Janice Carter in 2002 made me visit the Tennessee, USA in 2004 to see firsthand the signs of the real existence and activities of the Forest People there. I visited at that time not only the Janice Carter location, but Mary’s one too. I spent several days in her home and was hiking together with her and her friends in the Standing Stones National Park.
    Though my communication with Mary stopped several years ago, I continued to feel the warmity to her and to respect her as a prominent bigfoot researcher and contactee.
    Peace be upon yours, Mary! We shall remember you!

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