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  1. Monster Hunters “Best of the Year” at CryptoZoo News | tea krulos

    [...] There are many interesting titles and authors on the list. You can read it here: http://www.cryptozoonews.com/czbks-2015/ [...]

  2. November, December, 2015 in Review | tea krulos

    [...] that my book Monster Hunters was selected by Loren Coleman of CryptoZoo News as the top pick in his Best Cryptozoology Books of 2015 [...]

  3. 73 - Monster Hunters: Tea Krulos' Search For The Unknown - See You On The Other Side

    [...] we haven’t talked yet about his book, Monster Hunters, which was named by cryptozoology Godfather Loren Coleman as the top cryptozoology book of 2015. In that book, he meets with ghost investigators, UFO researchers, Bigfoot trackers, [...]

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