Catholic Left Attacks Cryptozoology

More Bates

Misunderstandings come on the Right from the creationists, and now comes the subtle assaults from Roman Catholics on the Left.

A blog which calls itself a “progressive Catholic site,” Catholic Sensibility attacks the new Cryptozoology exhibition in Missouri by noting that “Sunday’s Kansas City Star reports on an art exhibit that will raise eyebrows.”

So much for any open-mindedness among the Catholic progressives.

First it was the creationists and now it is the Catholic progressives that seem ready to assault cryptozoology. Is this evidence that cryptozoology really occupies the excluded middle and is surely damned, as per the Fortean “damned,” at least?

“Catholic Sensibility,” which in this case may be an oxymoron, also shares only some of the most outrageous overviews of the exhibition and this definition (unfortunately, I must hasten to add, from the exhibition): “Cryptozoology describes the scientific or pseudo-scientific fascination with extinct or imaginary animals.”

Loren Coleman

I must respond with an editorial Ugh!

Who cares what the right or left religious writers say about cryptozoology and art? After all, the exhibition is artistic and scientific, not religious, in nature.

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