New Disney Yeti Video

Over at Boing Boing, our buddy David Pescovitz points to his associate Cory’s post today with links to the preview Yeti video available now. Cory writes: Video: New Everest coaster at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Inside the Magic, a Disney fan-site, has posted two ride-through videos from the new Expedition Everest coaster at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. The coaster features stunning views of Animal Kingdom (easily the most beautiful of all the Disney parks), direction changes — and encounters with a Yeti! Here are the links to the videotapes. Yeti video 1 Yeti video 2

Old Bad Yeti Tales

There is old Yeti news beginning to circulate as a new wire service story on January 15-16, 2006. It is all about Sir Edmund Hillary and his 1960 search for the Abominable Snowmen. +++ Harry Trumbore’s drawing of the Himalayan “Yeti,” from the forthcoming The Field Guide to Bigfoot, to be published by Anomalist Books. Copyright 2006, Loren Coleman and Patrick Huyghe. +++ See, for example, the new Australian article, “Hillary’s Abortive Hunt for Yeti Left Sherpa Myth Undisturbed”. They begin with Hillary’s conclusion that the Yeti is a cultural myth, and then they build the case on the retelling [...]

How Not To Search For Yeti

Queensland, Australia’s Courier-Mail on January 12, is carrying a selection from a new book on the life of Sir Edmund Hillary that is not yet available in the USA or the UK. The focus of their article is on Hillary’s 1960 search for the Yeti. But theirs is a softball examination. Hillary’s “Yeti expedition” has been critiqued in other books, from Ivan T. Sanderson’s Appendix E, “Sir Edmund Hillary’s Scalp – A News Story from Nepal” in Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come to Life (1961) to “Hillary’s Assassination of the Yeti” in Tom Slick: True Life Encounters in Cryptozoology (2002). But [...]