Old Bad Yeti Tales

There is old Yeti news beginning to circulate as a new wire service story on January 15-16, 2006. It is all about Sir Edmund Hillary and his 1960 search for the Abominable Snowmen.



Harry Trumbore’s drawing of the Himalayan “Yeti,” from the forthcoming The Field Guide to Bigfoot, to be published by Anomalist Books. Copyright 2006, Loren Coleman and Patrick Huyghe.


See, for example, the new Australian article, “Hillary’s Abortive Hunt for Yeti Left Sherpa Myth Undisturbed”. They begin with Hillary’s conclusion that the Yeti is a cultural myth, and then they build the case on the retelling of his mythical expedition. When one strays from the full revealing of what happened, of course, the conclusions are going to benefit the storyteller. It is occurring here, via a media revisionist view of Hillary’s 1960 expedition.

But Cryptomundo readers saw the story earlier and the first rebuttal here, when we noted “How Not to Search For A Yeti” on January 11, 2006.

Hillary used misleading debunking techniques and pieces of counter-evidence to try to destroy Yeti, as I noted in detail in my posting.

Perhaps one of the biggest sidetreks the media have left out of this whole “new” Hillary story is that he was carrying around a fake Yeti skullcap himself . The entire Yeti expedition also appears to have been a classic intelligence cover, as Hillary and his “playboys” may have been doing some spying against the Chinese as his main mission in Tibet, (see “Yeti Expeditions: Spy Missions?” in Appendix One of Tom Slick: True Life Encounters in Cryptozoology, 2002; this is not found in the 1989 edition of the book.).

Look deeply, and observe how this entire Hillary story is evolving into its own media mythos.