Yeren Steals Beer


Cryptomundo correspondent Adam Campbell sends along this sighting of a Yeren:

I saw a Yeren between Guilin and Kunming in China, in October 1995.

I was on a train travelling at night at about 20 mph when the Yeren put it’s hand through the window and grabbed a bottle of beer off the table next to the window. We heard the bottle smash about 10 seconds later. Four of us saw it of which one [of the eyewitnesses] was Chinese; he kept shouting “Yeren! Yeren!”

The Yeren had very long thin fingers covered in gingery auburn hair. We assume that it was either on the roof of the train or sitting in a tree next to the track.


Yeren art used on “wanted poster” in China.


Harry Trumbore’s drawing (directly above) of the Chinese yeren in The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates (2006) shows the creature as much more anthropoid than in most contemporary renderings. See page 131.

Adam Campbell’s account recalls the “classic images” of the Yeti hand entering the Sherpa tent in popular art:

radar yeti 2

And in popular movies, such as:

Abominable Snowman

There is one graphic frightening scene in the 1957 film The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas where all that is seen is a giant hand coming into the tent (which is, unfortunately, not in this trailer). I recall seeing it in some clip of the movie on the Internet, however.