Tula, The Best Bigfoot Expedition Dog, Dies


Bigfooter Joe Beelart has shared some sad news today. The ”The King of Clackamas,” well-known Portland, Oregon area forest giant hunter, sent along word of the passing of a faithful companion of several years of expeditions in the Pacific Northwest. Tula has died.

Beelart writes: “I loved Tula Dog, but not as much as Leann McCoy – Sisco. [Tula] was in many of our camps and always a joy to have around; and alert!  She was an Australian cattle dog with some dingo mix in her.  There is more to Bigfooting than just people.”

Tula’s owner writes, of her dog, gone but not forgotten:

Our sweet and faithful cattle dog Tula passed away peacefully in our arms the morning [of December 2nd] at our kind vet’s office.  She was 13+ years old and had kidney/liver failure.  Tula was a beloved dog and family member.  She was great both out in the woods and at home.  One time my friend Deah and I were sitting in the tree line at a remote lake until after dark and suddenly a bear came up behind us but Tula calmly got up and put herself between us and the bear and stood her ground. The bear shuffled off a moment later.  Another time in the fall Tula and I were hiking solo up a power line trail very early in the morning; it was drizzling and about 30 degrees out when suddenly giant bull elk and his harem of 4 female cow elks charged out of the woods and stampeded by me within inches. Tula calmly pressed against my right leg with her body and her head out in front of my leg holding me from moving and stood stock stilluntil they passed.  She was with Shari and I many times out campinghiking, and meteor shower watching faithfully protecting us. Tula fell in love with my husband Larry and they soon became quite bonded.  Tula was obsessed with her toys at home always demanding we play with her and was always happy to be near us.  She loved walking the “coyote trail” across from our housethe beach, the Ochoco mountains, and biting the water in creeks and waterfalls. She could not control her excitement out fishing and always enjoyed the outdoors as much as we did.  My sweet husband has arranged for her ashes and small memorial plaque with her paw print on itThanks to everyone who loved her and treated her so kindly. Tula will be greatly missed.
Leann & Larry